Where does my skin color come from?

by S.Highsmith

Human skin color may be different because of the diets, climates, and geographic locations forced by our ancient ancestors. Do you ever wonder where your skin color comes from? Well this essay will explain. Human skin color may be different because of geographic locations of the earliest humans.

For starters, people who lived closer to the equator had darker skin color because they got a lot of sun exposure, which could be damaging to the body, specifically it could affect the development of fetuses and could cause skin cancer. Since the sun is so very strong, the solution was to evolve skin that was permanently dark and since their skin was permanently dark it protected them from the powerful UV rays. So this should explain why your skin is dark if your ancestors lived close to the equator. (“Human Skin Color Variation”)

Another explanation for why your skin is the color it is now is because people who migrated from Africa to places with less UV rays become lighter. Natural selection favored lighter skin and allowed the UV rays to penetrate the body and produce essential vitamin D. (“Human Skin Color Variation”) So this explains why some people’s skin color is lighter because without being directly under the sun then they were lighter. (“Human Skin Color Variation”)

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Lastly, a reason why your skin color is the way it is now is because of the climate. For example, people who lived in the coastal areas like Alaska or Canada with diets of mostly sea food had  a substitute source for Vitamin D. So because of their diets and where they lived, their skin remained dark-skinned even in low UV areas. (“Human Skin Color Variation”)

In conclusion, with the diets plus the UV rays and where your ancestors lived is an explanation for why your skin color is the way it is now.

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