What makes people albino?

By Brianna

Every day, many people live with a congenital disorder, called Albinism (an absence of pigment in the skin).  “When the actions of genes and hormones are not in balance, this causes the person to have little or no pigment in his or her skin, hair, and eyes- in other words, to become albino.” (Nina Jablonski, Skin: A Natural History, pg.69) One in 70 people are albinism carriers. Albinism is an absence of pigment because of a defect in the melanin production. People think being albino is just the lack of pigment in the skin, but being albino can also mean lack of pigment in the eyes and in the hair. Albinism makes the skin more susceptible to sunburn and skin cancer. People who are albino often die from skin cancer. Many people wonder how you may become albino, this is an x-linked (inherited gene) disorder, that someone may be born with. Albinism is caused by a flaw in the genes that are responsible for distributing the eye and skin melanin (pigment). These are a few examples of what makes people albino.

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