How do glow in the dark tattoos effect our skin?

By Vanessa

Have you ever thought if black light tattoos, also known as glow in the dark tattoos effect our skin? Well I have and that’s why im wrighting this so keep reading and find out.

A tattoo is a perment ink placed in the dermis layer of you skin  in a design. The word tatoo comes from the  Tahitian word  “Tatu”. But a black light tattoo is not that much different from a regular tatoo it just use UV Ink. Black light  tattoos may include a carcinogen, or an allergen  that can cause itching and rashes. Carcingens is a cancer causing chemical. Also people say that there nearly clear tattoo turns brown with in a few months.

Well I’m done now. I hoped you learnd something that you didn’t know about black ink tattoo.

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