Do freckles serve a purpose?

Do Freckles Serve a Purpose?

by Doug

                  Do you have freckles? Do you know why they’re there? Most people are misled by the thought that freckles are just a feature, nothing more, nothing less. That is an incorrect statement and freckles serve a much greater purpose than making you “look good”.

You know when you’re shopping for sunglasses and they always have a sticker saying “UVR Protected”. Well, that’s kind of how freckles work. Freckles act as sunglasses for your face, protection form UVR exposure. Most people with fair skin are vulnerable to skin cancer, it’s kind of a downer. But people with fair skin have freckles to protect them, so it plays out for the better. Of course when you don’t need them, they disappear. For most people they come back in the summer or spring when you most need your freckles, and they leave in the fall and winter when you least need them.

So do freckles serve a purpose? Yes, they protect you from UV Rays and they may just save you from skin cancer and sun poisoning.

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